Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!!

Hey Hey!

I know, I know you’re probably like “If she makes another damn blog, announcement, cupcake, or chicken leg I’m going to block her.” Welp, too bad because I am here with my all new mom blog.

I’m sure you remember the old FrecklesandHarmony website where it was all about Me and Mo and super cutesy. I am not here for any of that this time. Of course I love talking about my nugget, but this is my space. You know that little piece of zen all of us mom’s need but can never find. (mine is actually in the bathroom) 🙂 Here is where we can let it all out and let our boobs hang. So let me introduce myself a bit.

My name is Paige. I’m currently a mom to Harmony, wife to Pootie, and saved child of God. (amen) Well, I’ll backtrack on saved child of God because I need to get into heaven one day and I know the Lord is not here for my shit. What else about me ? I am an amazing cook. My Nana actually taught me and I think she’s the best cook in the world, so I take pride in my skills. I love making folks laugh, and I am literally a walking party. My cousin KiKi calls me her favorite shit show so that should tell you I am a GREAT time.

I wanted to re-do this blog because for one, I finally have the time and I want to share my experiences from being a first time mom, first time business owner, business failure, and my journey trying to figure out where exactly I want to fall into society. I want to show other mom’s that it is totally ok to not have your shit together and kind of wing it day by day. So if you are ready to gear up and take this ride with me I am super excited to bring you tons of content.

Get Excited!

-xo Freckles


ps. that’s totally me in the gif




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