Are You My Child’s Parent?

What a whirlwind of a few weeks. I told my self I’d be posting a lot more this go around but life literally got me. If you follow me on social media (@frecklesandharmony) you would know that the tribe and I are expecting a little girl next February! I’m super excited, scared, not prepared, and anxious to meet my little sprout. Harmony and her dad are beyond elated and counting down the seconds til Baby Reaves is here.


Where should I begin?


This past weekend we discovered that Mo contracted hand mouth foot disease. It’s not as bad as it seems, just a rash and a fever for a few days. I was freaking out because she would be out from daycare for a week, then she had the nerve to get an upper respiratory infection as well. I’ve been drained and playing mommy daycare at work.


One of the most draining things about Mo being sick is other people’s reactions to it. It’s always like the end of the world. Most of the time it’s a cold or her asthma acting up. I think I’ve been around her enough to know how to handle these situations but it gets so annoying when I have people telling me how to take care of my child. I get it, you mean entirely well (God bless you boo.) but do NOT undermine my ability as a parent. Do not tell me that I do not take my child to the doctor enough or I she needs a better doctor because your kids go to someone else. It makes me second guess my actions as a parent. Like I said, I get it you mean well. However, I think you need to pipe your brakes and let me do my thing.

One thing I love about my parenting style is that I am very go with the flow. I am not on a tight schedule, I let Mo do her own thing, and I don’t do things according to what society or what the old timers think I should do. It’s 2018 man, get with the times. Something that I think I should work on is not letting other people’s opinions about what I do bother me. Like, why am I pressed if a seasoned saint doesn’t like the way I do things with Mo. So what, I’m sure back in your day someone criticized you about something as well but don’t walk around like you are a super parent because no one is. There is NO perfect parent, and if there is please send sis my way because I need to humble her down and see where the kinks are.


But I digress. What are some things that you’ve heard about your parenting style? How did you deal with it? I could be overreacting but sometimes other people’s opinions hurt. It really makes you reevaluate how you do things, and you may try to conform to society’s or someone else’s opinion on how you should parent.


Leave some comments!


xoxo – Freckles


PS. I’m thinking of working on a vlog segment for this site. What would you like to see?


2 thoughts on “Are You My Child’s Parent?

  1. Shamira

    It’s not so much the comments I get on my parenting style but just how I implement or not implement their unsolicited advice. I think I’m just going to have to be blunt and let people know that I’m not going to follow it. Which is why I keep to my self so I can do my own thing without someone’s watchful eye.

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