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I Don’t Need Your Company.

I totally said I was going on leave right? Well guess what I have some things to get off of my chest.


All of those “OMG, I can’t wait til I meet aunty’s baby!” “We’re going to do so much baby stuff while you’re pregnant!” “I can’t wait until your shower, I better be invited!”

Well let me tell you something sis..


Plain and simple.

These are the “friends” who say they’re going to be there every step of the way. The ones who only hit you up to go out, or in my case when they need something from me. Keep your energy, and your lack luster gesture to be apart of my kid’s life. (which I am sure you weren’t planning on doing anyway.)

They honestly say you don’t know who your real friends are until something drastic happens in your life. That is 100000% true. I learned that during my first pregnancy, my wedding, and this pregnancy. Everyone wants to be apart of an event, but they don’t show up when it counts?

Seriously, how many of ya’ll were planning on coming to the crib after I dropped this load to see if I needed a break? Or maybe, bring us dinner? But, ya’ll are the first ones begging for a baby shower invite. I honestly don’t have the energy for it.

I don’t have a large group of friends, but the few that I keep close I can honestly say that 5% of them have been making the effort to show me some love.

I get it, people have lives and other obligations, but let me tell you the type of friend I am.

If you need me, I am there. No matter what. It doesn’t matter if I am home, at work, or wherever, I will make sure I etch out some time for you. If you invite me to something you better believe I am trying my best to be there. It sucks because I feel like that same energy isn’t reciprocated back to me.

It’s cool though, because at the end of the day I’ll be fine. However, you can keep your “Can I have an invite to the shower” ass away from me.

-XOXO Freckles

I’m Sorry Harmony.

Lately I’ve been having a lot of Mom guilt. It really started happening once I found out I was pregnant. I noticed that I would really watch how I interact with Mo, and I am so snippy. It really hit home when I saw this meme and it basically said something to the affect of apologizing to your kids when you lose your cool. I felt my heart jump out of my chest. The mom guilt hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember reading it and Mo looking at me with the sweetest little eyes and her silly ass smile. Why do I get so angry with her? Why do I snap so easily? So this is my open letter to my Nugget.



So a while back I announced that the hubby and I would be venturing to Philly for the weekend. Not even two seconds later I was plagued with “ya’ll about to get pregnant” posts.

I swear… here’s the screenshots.. I also want to thank ya’ll for sending the juju my way and cancelling my fall / winter festivities. 🙁 Continue reading

Braids, Beads, Shells, and Thangs


Top of the morning mommies! I hope you are all doing swell.

My morning went oddly smooth. I woke up before my alarm, peed, and was able to just relax in bed. By the time I got up, hubby had just showered, Mo was already out of bed, and we started our get ready routine. I did a little prep work the night before by giving Mo her bath, and partially having her outfit picked out. ( I ended up changing it into something a little more comfy) She had her breakfast, I packed our lunch, and walked the dog. When I tell you I felt amazing, it was a small victory.  Continue reading

Are You My Child’s Parent?

What a whirlwind of a few weeks. I told my self I’d be posting a lot more this go around but life literally got me. If you follow me on social media (@frecklesandharmony) you would know that the tribe and I are expecting a little girl next February! I’m super excited, scared, not prepared, and anxious to meet my little sprout. Harmony and her dad are beyond elated and counting down the seconds til Baby Reaves is here. Continue reading