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Churrasco & Chimichurri Sauce



So you guys pretty much went crazy over this on Friday, so I might as well share the love. Skirt steak is literally my favorite cut of beef. Now don’t get me wrong, filet is alright but the texture is just off  for me. If I went to a steakhouse and had a choice, skirt steak wins every single time. Not just any old skirt steak though, it has to be churrasco with chimichurri sauce. Ugh! The sauce is just amazing. Continue reading

Eggs in a Hole

Egg in a Hole

So there’s this movie called V for Vendetta, and the hubby loves it. I mean like literally knows all the words and SWEARS he’s only seen it once. (sure) It’s a pretty good movie if you haven’t seen it, but my favorite part is when one of the characters is making breakfast. They made this overly dramatic fancy toast called “Eggs in a Hole” pretty funny name if you ask me.

This past weekend I locked my self in the house determined to get some deep cleaning done. I literally cooked a feast all weekend. Sunday morning I had a hankering for a toast and eggs. BAM BAM BAM here comes Eggs in a hole. Continue reading

Cooking with Freckles

Do you love eating but can’t cook? Welp, don’t worry I’m here to save your life. Here I will be posting my favorite recipes! Whether you are a beginner or pretty advanced, I like to make my recipes easy as pie to follow. Grab your apron, (or favorite dingy shirt) and get ready to cook with Freckles. <3


Jerk Chicken Quesadillazzz

Jerk Chicken Quesadillazz

So, you guys have been driving me insane about posting my recipes so I guessssss I’ll share the love.

But, what if i didn’t? If I share all the juju who’s going to come over and eat all of this delicious food with me. Of course I have the hubby, but I love entertaining our friends. Since it’s Monday and gloomy, I might as well share a sprinkle of sunshine your way and tell you how to make my favorite jerk chicken quesadillas. Continue reading